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I've been posting a bit more over the past year on Soundcloud. Find me here:

Siesta - Break 'em off some!

Live @ Carpe Noctem Flipside 2011

This is my first live glitch hop set, and my first time playing out with a digital interface (Traktor + S4).

Recorded live @ the Carpe Noctem Dome for Flipside 2011

Please enjoy!

Annual Update

2009 has been a busy year for me, going through all sorts of life changes.. New job, new wife, etc.. I'm steadily working on new tracks and new mixes, unfortunately this site has been neglected, and I've been largely too lazy to add much here. Anyway, for those keepin tabs, I should have some fresh beats up by the weeks end (the weekend).


2007 started off on the after thoughts of a shaky 2006. I was going through a lot of changes in my life. Little did I know however, my luck was changing in 2007.

2 new Tracks posted

I began working on "Essence of Osaka" while hanging out in a park in Umeda prefecture of Osaka, somewhere around Tanimachi Yon Chome. I completed the musical portion back in the states with Nomic.

We then finished another production "Beer Belly" Nomic had created sometime earlier in the year.

Both tracks are pending vocal accompaniments..

Land of the Rising Sun

I recently went to Japan (October 5th - 18th) for my sisters wedding. I had a very awesome time hanging out with my friends and family.

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